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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: The Expert Guide For Easy Shopping

[Yellow gold cushion cut halo style engagement ring for women with a surface shared prong settings]-[ouros jewels]

Cushion Cut Engagement Rings: The Expert Guide to Easy Shopping. When couples commit to one other, they frequently exchange rings as an indicator of their shared feelings and intentions. Historically, this tradition has anchored relationships, and it continues to do so in today’s digital age, enhancing the bond between partners.

Engagement rings, particularly those including diamonds, come in an array of shapes, including the princess and radiant cuts. However, for people who value elegance, the cushion cut diamond is an excellent alternative. With its rounded corners and square design, it captures and reflects light brilliantly, making it ideal for that special moment when you ask, "Will You Be Mine Forever Until Last Breath 💘?" with a cushion ring. Offering a cushion cut ring indicates an unique, long-term commitment that stands out from others.

Before choosing a cushion cut diamond ring, consider a few important factors to ensure you make the perfect purchase for your significant other. This purchasing guide will help you understand what makes these rings unique and how to find the best one, no matter where you purchase in the world. By the end of this article, you'll have the knowledge you need to choose a ring that not only attracts the eye but also truly represents your love.

First, understand what a cushion diamond ring and its meaning is.

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring Meaning

A cushion cut diamond ring is a fancy ring with a pillow-square shape and soft, round, curving edges that push brilliance everywhere. The proper formation of every facet, internally and externally, makes a beautiful appearance in a cushion diamond ring. That's why it has been selected for the promise ring as well.

A cushion diamond ring is a good choice to describe a strong emotional attachment, affection, romance, and gratitude with a love partner. The square shaped diamonds are referred to elegance and wisdom. A cushion diamond is one of them, and with a brilliant cutting style point out to select, it is a perfect engagement ring.

These diamond rings range from 1 to 4 carat weights in the best clarity and ring styles. For example, a 1 carat halo or cluster ring in cushion diamond is a perfect selection for engagement. While for a solitaire ring, your cushion diamond should have at least 2.00 or 3.00 carat weight. Consider the best 4cs grades for cushion diamonds.

The Reasons To Choose Cushion Diamond Rings

The selection for cushion diamond rings contains four main reasons: ample table width, squarish shape, fancy designed facets, and cheap cost. Nevertheless, beautiful light reflections and brilliant appearance make them prioritized for a jewelry selection, especially in rings.

As a couple, you both dream of making your engagement ring beautiful and with that, you're searching for the finest appearance. It has been offered with the square shape cushion diamond. All wishes will be completed when you get this diamond ring, considering the best quality, budget provision, and personal preferences.

Now, let's understand in-depth those reasons.

  • Ample Table Width: The Light Reflection Essential

The cushion cut diamond's ample table width makes the light reflection more prominent, driving brilliance throughout all the anatomical parts. The square shaped diamonds have different widths of the table surfaces than an elongated shape. But when you compare the cushion and the princess cut diamond's table width, the cushion features wider surfaces.

[Cushion and princess cut diamond table width comparison]-[ouros jewels]

This attribute of the cushion diamond delivers a unique appearance to the overall structure. You can select it for your engagement ring or wedding band. In cushion diamonds, the absence of chevron patterns does not take up more space for a clear table. As a result, the brilliance of the cushion is better than that of a princess cut.

  • It is a Square and Pillow Shaped Stone

A pillow shaped cushion diamond consumes less time for the illumination to exit. Square diamonds are brighter than rectangular shapes. Due to less pavilion depth, the light reflects quickly in microseconds. This kind of attribute is implemented in cushion cut diamonds, which are suitable for all ring styles.

[Cushion diamond's appearance in side angles]-[ouros jewels]

The square shape in the cushion cut diamond manages and balances the light's movements from entering to reflecting. As a result, it can give a stylish and optimistic appearance in every ring design. Thus, for this reason, halo rings are usually made with these square diamonds.

  • Fancy Rhombus And Kite shaped Carving Facet

A fancy rhombus and kite-shaped carving facets increase the overall value of the cushion cut diamond. The stylish and antique faceting delivers light reflections in the most proper ways. As a result, it has been selected for the pendants or bracelets.

As a diamond connoisseur, we suggest considering these stylish facet patterns when picking a square cushion diamond. The diamond symmetry depends on the faceting frequency. With these square shaped diamonds, it will be most ideal for reflecting a dazzling appearance in your engagement rings.

  • Less Price

There are two square shaped diamonds mostly selected as cushion and princess cut. Asscher cut diamond is the modern choice. Here, the cushion diamond is cheaper than a princess cut, even with the same clarity, carat weights, color grades, and cut.

In the example below, you can see the difference between these two squarish diamond prices.

[Cushion and princess cut diamond 4cs comparison with price]-[ouros jewels]

The 1 carat cushion cut lab-grown diamond costs $980 in EF color, VVS clarity, and Excellent cut. On the other hand, a princess diamond charges $1100 with the same 4cs grades. Now, you have to decide which one will be perfect for you. The analysis is in front of you.

For more details, see the price comparison between princess and cushion cut diamonds. From that, buyers can reach the decision of which to select for engagement rings.













$ 980

+$ 120






$ 1100

- $120

4cs of Diamonds Selection

The 4cs diamonds are the most important principle that helps to evaluate the price and appearance. It was developed by GIA (Gemological Institute Of America). In 4cs, the color, clarity, carat weights, and cut grades are included. As a buyer, if you want to experience brilliance or offer it to your love, then pick the best 4cs of diamonds.

In addition, according to ring styles, you have to pick them which suits your personality. Understand that selecting ideal 4cs grades will help your cushion diamond rings look more beautiful. It's a boarding pass that has to be clear and concise at any cost. 4cs grades in diamonds make your ring ideal for your fiancee when you ask the engagement proposal question.

First we see the ideal carat weights for cushion cut diamond ring.

  • Choose 1 to 3 Carat Weights: The Ideal Selection

A diamond carat shows the overall weightage that counts in grams, too. For example, a 1-carat diamond is in the .20 grams when it is measured. For a cushion cut, go with at least 1 carat weights. Because it's a square shape, so whenever you select more carat weights, the surface might be wider, and the cost will increase. It's a fact.

Don't be understand the size and carat weight of the diamond are the same. They both are different from each other in every aspect. The carat represents how much the diamond carries the facet's weightage. The width and depth are identified from the size of the diamond. These both playing vital roles in determining the right price.

[Cushion cut diamond chart]-[ouros jewels]

The maximum weight in the cushion is 3 carats due to maintaining their L/W ratio. As a diamond expert, we recommend picking 1 to 3-carat weights when considering the ring styles. Also, prefers your budget and personal preference, too.

In a halo or cluster style engagement ring, your cushion diamond looks perfect with 1.50-carat weights. A 2-carat cushion solitaire ring is an elegant selection in yellow gold and best prong settings. For a unique engagement ring for your love partner, 3 carat is an ideal selection with a square cushion.

  • D to K Color Grade: The Versatile Choice

The color grade is another essential selection for a cushion diamond engagement ring. In your engagement ring, select D to K color diamonds that are colorless and faint in the yellow hue, respectively.

According to the GIA color chart, all diamonds are scaled from their shade intensity. For example, if a diamond appears clear without any subsidiary hues existence, then it's a "D Color Grade." While with a slight or faint yellow color in the diamond, it's a "K Color."

[Cushion diamond color grade chart from D to Z+ fancy colors]-[ouros jewels]

The color grade chart has five types, which are mentioned below.

GIA's Color Grade Chart
Grade Color Mark
Colorless D To F Precious and Ideal
Near Colorless G To J Subsidiary Color Presence
Faint K To M Slight Yellowish Hue
Very Light N To R Deep Yellow and Other Shade
Light S To Z Intense/Dark Yellow and Fancy Colors

For cushion diamond ring, select at least D to K color grade. A D color grade is the rarest and most costly to get, even in lab-grown diamonds. But if you need a similar appearance as the D color, then the G to J grade is a good choice with a less cost.

This option exists if you need a fancy color like blue, yellow, pink, olive, champagne, and black diamonds in a square cushion diamond. Still, the cost is different than a colorless diamond. All fancy colored diamonds are scaled with the Z+ category on the color grade chart.

Fancy colored diamonds in cushion cuts look more adorable and excellent, especially for an engagement ring. Every fancy color has its attributes and identical marks that makes your engagement ring wonderful to see and wear.

For example, a pink diamond refers to romantic feelings and attachment. At the same time, blue diamonds bring calmness, wisdom, royal appearance, and decision powers to life. As a result, pick at least one color for your love partner's preference and your wallet. With lab-grown diamonds, you can select fancy colors without breaking your budget.

  • Select VVS to VS Diamond Clarity

Diamond clarity defines any blemishes or scratches on the anatomy that affect the overall brilliance. There are 11 categories of diamond clarity ranging from best to worst as FL (Flawless) to I3 (Included3). Consider the best clarity for a beautiful sparkle reflection on the engagement ring.

The cushion is a square shaped diamond so you can select VVS to VS clarity. In these clarity grades, the diamond inclusions aren't available not so much. As a result, you can experience a similar appearance as FL or IF clarity, which are most expensive to get with 1 carat lab-grown diamonds.

[Cushion cut diamond clarity chart to look before buying ring]-[ouros jewels]

Here, in the above mentioned cushion diamond clarity chart, you can see the difference between types of clarity.

VVS diamonds have fewer blemishes, usually in tiny amounts, and it doesn't impact the luminosity. That's why solitaire engagement rings with cushion cuts prefer at least VVS clarity. The best ring style for a VS clarity diamond is halo, three-stone, cluster, and Toi et Moi.

  • Prefers Excellent or Very Good Cut Grade

You have to pick the best diamond cut grades for a quick brilliance reflection in diamond rings. It has five categories or grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor. The diamond cut grades represent a girdle thickness and pavilion depth. More pavilion depth means a lower cut grade.

[Cushion diamond cut chart to see]-[ouros jewels]

Square cushion diamond has less pavilion depth and a slightly thick girdle. So, we suggest selecting Excellent to Very Good cut grade to make your ring the finest engagement sign. The cut affects the cost of the diamond. For example, Excellent Cut has the highest price among the other categories.

In ring style selection, you have to pick the diamond cut according to its formation. Good cut diamonds look more proper in bridal set rings because of the ideal formation with the prong settings and overall structure. Very Good cut grade diamonds, the Toi et Moi ring style is an ideal price-conscious choice.

Polish And Symmetry & Grades To Consider

In cushion cut diamond rings, the polish and symmetry grades should be selected in better quality after choosing the ideal 4cs. It provides a gorgeous appearance on the hands of your love partner when better graded polish and symmetry exists.

First, define what is diamond symmetry and polish.

Symmetry in diamond represents the facet placement perfection that controls the light's resonation movements. It refers to the anatomy's faceting patterns in the arrow, heart, and triangle shapes. Diamond symmetry has five categories: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

While the polish grades represent how accurately the diamond shape is created by following all the stages and levels. Diamond polish means how accurately the crafting process has been done in particular shapes such as round, princess, or others.

Refer below to see the symmetry and polish chart to select coherence to your ring designs in cushion cut diamonds.

Cushion Diamond Ring’s Polish and Symmetry Chart To Follow

Ring Design




Very Good




Very Good


Very Good




Very Good

Three stone

Very Good

Very Good




Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Engagement ring selection depends on three factors: your budget preference, expectations, and your jeweler selection. With these factors, you can design your ring in a cushion diamond with an additional personal touch.

Consider the ring style according to your love partner if you're a man. When you're a woman and purchasing a ring for yourself, consider your budget and the perfect ring size measurement.

You can pick gold from tones like white gold if you like a natural appearance. A Rose gold ring is a romantic gift that delivers emotions to a love partner. The bright and glossy look of the yellow gold cushion diamond ring makes it more beautiful.

Here, the most famous and recognized ring designs are described for better understanding.

  • Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Halo Engagement Ring
  • Unique Engagement Ring
  • Three-stone Engagement Ring
  • Dainty
  • Toi et Moi Engagement Ring
  • Solitaire Accent Engagement Ring
  • Bezel Set
  • Art Deco Engagement Ring
  • Vintage Engagement Ring
  • Antique Cut Engagement Ring
  • Pave Set Ring

The ring style of cushion cut diamond should be coherence to your budget allocation and preferences. Now, there is an option to pay monthly for your engagement ring without any hassle to the purchase. It's an ideal choice to gift a stylish and beautiful cushion ring to her with the full of confidence and committed to the relationship.

Solitaire Ring: The Classical Romantic Choice

A solitaire ring in cushion diamond refers to the classical romantic choice. In this ring style, only a single diamond features with the grip of the prong settings. It strengthens the overall ring's durability and provides security to the diamond.

The love relationship's base is trust and support that can be brought out with a cushion diamond solitaire ring. A pink colored diamond showers the romantic drops on your relation and offers the finest look. As a result, with this ring style, you can reveal your emotions to her with a surprise proposal.

[Cushion diamond solitaire ring in 14kt rose gold]-[ouros jewels]

A fancy colored lab-grown diamond is the ideal choice for a solitaire ring due to its cost-friendly and ideal quality existence. For example, if you need peace in your love life, then a blue lab diamond could be helpful to accomplish it. For a natural diamond, costs refer to thousands of dollars, which is tough to get with less income.

We recommend getting a solitaire engagement ring in the below mentioned criteria.

Particulars Ideal Grades
Type Lab-grown Diamond
Color D to K or Fancy Colors
Clarity VVS to VS
Carat Weights 1.00 to 3.00
Cut Excellent to Good
Metal 14KT Yellow/Rose/White Gold
Price $1480 to $2500

Halo Engagement Ring: The Modern Picking

If your fiancee is looking for a modern engagement ring that differentiates her from the crowd, then a halo ring style is a good choice. In this ring style, a big carat weight center diamond features a small-sized stone around itself. That creates a gorgeous appearance for a woman who has been gifted with it as an engagement ring.

Halo engagement rings are usually picked with a colorless diamond. But a modern couple needs something special and unique, so they insist on fancy colored diamonds like pink, yellow, champagne, and chocolate color. A cushion cut diamond halo ring looks adorable when presented as a commitment sign.

[Pink cushion diamond halo ring for women]-[ouros jewels]

The band pattern plays a chief role in the final appearance of this ring design. You can select it according to your preferences and expectations.

  • Delicate French V Split Shank
  • Pave Setting (In 3 Frequent Pattern)
  • Surface Prong Setting
  • Shared Surface Prong Setting (Mostly Used Wedding Eternity Ring)
  • Bar Set

Want to know which clarity and cut grade looks better in the halo ring with cushion diamonds then refer the below chart.

Particulars Ideal Grades
Type Lab-grown Diamond
Color Pink, Yellow, Blue, Chocolate
Clarity VVS to VS
Carat Weights 1.30 to 2.70
Cut Excellent to Good
Metal 14KT Yellow/Rose/White Gold
Price $2180 to $2500

Unique Ring: The Distinctive Piece Of Love

A unique engagement ring has its own identity, and it's not made with a traditional style like solitaire or a three-stone. But unique rings are a form of personal attachment and commitment where the buyer personally takes an interest in designing to final approval. As a result, to define a pure promise, it has been selected mainly by younger couples.

In a cushion diamond unique ring, you can select a twisted band or a cluster pattern that offers brilliance at all moments. Alternatively, you can go with the Art Deco, vintage, nature-inspired, bohemian ring styles. In addition, modern minimalist, estate, Art Nouveau, futuristic, cocktail, stackable, infinity, sculptural, and a pave engraved pattern.

[Cushion diamond ring in unique cluster style with 18kt white gold]-[ouros jewels]

The metal selection for a unique ring could be done with accuracy. There is a choice to pick a 14/18KT gold in yellow or white tones. While you're searching for a more romantic appeal to your love, rose gold is a better option for you. Consider the Hallmark of the metal tone on the ring's band.

Looking for the best and ideal quality to choose from in the unique diamond ring in a cushion cut? See the chart below.

Particulars Ideal Grades
Type Lab-grown Diamond
Color Yellow, Blue, Chocolate, Red, Orange
Clarity VVS to VS
Carat Weights 1.50 to 2.80
Cut Excellent to Good
Metal 14KT Yellow/Rose/White Gold
Price $2000 to $3000

Three-stone Engagement Ring: "RAF" Reflector

Usually, the three-stone ring refers to the three tenses of a love life. But now, in modern times, it is a structure of "RAF" where R is a romance, A is affection, and F presents faith. Every love relationship needs these three elements to achieve happiness together smoothly.

In a cushion diamond three-stone ring, you can pick the fancy color with a combination of colored stones. A pink or yellow color is a good choice if your partner likes brilliance on their hands. While champagne or chocolate is brown, representing the intensity of love emotions. Consider your preferences and expectations.

[White gold three-stone cushion ring]-[ouros jewels]

The three-stone ring features accent diamonds, so go with antique cut diamonds like baguette, bullet, shield, and elongated criss cut. Antique cut lab-grown diamonds will not be so costly to pick for this engagement ring style. With that, you can get a certification with IGI (International Gemological Institute).

Looking for an answer on which clarity, carat weights, and metal tones would be suitable in a cushion diamond three-stone ring, then refer to the below chart.

Particulars Ideal Grades
Type Lab-grown Diamond
Color Fancy Colors Like Pink, Champagne, Yellow
Clarity VVS to VS
Carat Weights 1.10 to 2.90
Cut Excellent to Good
Metal 14KT Yellow/Rose/White Gold
Price $2180 to $2500

Best Metal For Cushion Cut Diamond Rings

A 14KT and 18KT White and Rose gold is the best metal tone for the cushion cut diamond rings because of their cheap cost and similar appearance to platinum's shining. Also, it represents the four basic attributes of a happy love life: Romance, Connection, Support, and Trust. Meanwhile, you can pick a platinum for an exquisite and luxurious choice for an engagement ring.

But, if your love partner refuses to select white or rose gold, refer to the metal tone selection chart. In addition, there is an option for silver and platinum to pick for your ring.

Metal Type Tone Purity Suitable For Which Occasions
Gold Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, and White Gold 10KT, 14KT, and 18KT Engagement, Wedding, Proposal Rings Styles
Silver Argentium and Sterling 925 and 935 Proposal, Promise Rings
Platinum White 950 Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings

How Much Spend For Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?

On average, we suggest spending between $1500 to $6000 for a cushion cut ring for engagement. This price slab includes a ring design, metal selection, 4cs grades, and a jewelry store collection. Keep in mind every jewelry store maintains its unique price. So, you can find different prices in an online store than in an offline showroom visit.

Your call is how much you're ready to spend on a cushion ring for her. But as a diamond jewelry expert, we advise spending at least $2000 for your engagement ring. Within this price, your engagement ring will be made in the best color, clarity, and carat weight range in lab-grown diamonds with authenticated certification.

Discuss it mutually with her before allocating a diamond ring purchase budget. If she likes a customized engagement ring where you have to increase your budget, then it's best to consult a jeweler.

Contact us for a free consultation related to your cushion diamond ring selection. If you need a quicker reply, chat with us so we can speedily solve your product quality and service concerns.

Now, you can pay monthly for your favorite ring design in cushion cut diamonds with us. Pay the cost according to your comfort and convenience whenever you arrange it. We don't want to see your unhappy face due to the lack of money for shopping beautiful lab diamond engagement ring. That's why we added this feature to our service. Don't forget to take the benefit of it.


Buying cushion cut diamond rings is a unique experience, but it could be a superior feeling with the proper knowledge. When buying cushion engagement rings, consider selecting the best 4cs, symmetry, and polish grades. Simultaneously, a personal preference matters here, so keep that in mind when shopping.

This article is based on lab-grown cushion diamond rings. However, it still works for natural diamond rings because they are on the same level in chemical, optical, and physical properties.

The cushion cut lab-grown diamond ring’s ideal price range is $1500 to $6000 in different styles like solitaire, unique, halo, cluster, and many more. Select the best gold tone and purity to make your ring more wonderful and elegant. Always consider the points mentioned above when buying cushion cut diamond rings to offer a great wearing experience.

With the ring style, the metal tone selection is the important task to do carefully. In gold metal the options are yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. While a silver and platinum is an alternative choice for the platinum metal. Are you still confused to make a perfect decisions then contact us at anytime, we can solve your concerns.


Q1. What is a cushion cut engagement ring?

    Ans. A cushion cut engagement ring has a diamond with rounded sides and a square or rectangular shape, which is noted for its pillow-like look and amazing light reflection.

    Q2. Do cushion-cut diamonds shine more?

      Ans. Cushion cuts are less brilliant than round diamonds, just they are popular for their flaming look due to bigger facets. This makes them particularly appealing to people who prefer a bright show of color over some sparkle.

      Q3. Why Select a Cushion Cut Diamond for an Engagement Ring?

        Ans. Cushion cut diamonds are popular for engagement rings because of its unique combination of vintage charm and modern brightness, which creates a delicate, romantic appeal with outstanding fire and sparkle.

        Q4. What are the best settings for cushion-cut engagement rings?

          Ans. The best settings for cushion cut engagement rings include solitaire, halo, and three-stone settings, which highlight the diamond's form and brilliance.

          Q5. Are cushion cut diamonds more expensive?

            Ans. Yes, cushion cut diamonds are generally 25% cheaper than round cuts. This is because cutting a round diamond wastes more of the original rough diamond, increasing the cost per carat.

            Q6. How Do the 4 Cs Apply to Cushion Cut Diamonds?

              Ans. When choosing a cushion cut diamond, keep the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat) in mind, because they all have an impact on its beauty and value. Ideal options usually involve a balance that increases the diamond's brightness.

              Q7. Can Cushion Cut Diamonds appear larger than other cuts?

                Ans. Yes, cushion cut diamonds may look bigger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight, particularly when put in a minimalistic setting.

                Q8. Which metals are best for cushion cut rings?

                  Ans. Cushion cut diamonds look great with an array of metals, including platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, each having their own unique aesthetic that enhances the cushion cut's vintage charm.

                  Q9. What is a cushion cut engagement ring?

                    Ans.  A cushion cut engagement ring features a diamond that blends antique charm with modern style. This design is unique by its soft corners and large facets, which highlight its romantic and vintage look. Cushion cuts are unique and make up a small fraction of diamond cuts available.

                    Q10. How Much Should I Spend for a Cushion Cut Engagement Ring?

                      Ans. The cost of a cushion cut engagement ring is greatly dependent on the diamond's 4Cs and the ring setting, but budgets often run from $1,500 to $6,000 for a high-quality ring.

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